1 What is the standard Screen size ?
Miami Tees Online’s standard screen size is 14″ x 17″.
2 How much are the setup fees (aka screen fees)?
Screen fees are 15.00 per color in the artwork per print location. Films are an additional 15.00 per color in the artwork per print location. Set ups (the time it takes to set up the screens and register them, mix the inks and any other pre press prep runs about 55.00 – 65.00 per job.
3 What is your turnaround time?
Generally speaking, turnaround time is about 7-10 working days after receipt of blank merchandise and art approval. If we are using various processes in the same order for example, a screen print front, a private label application and a sewn on hem label, each additional process adds about another 3 working days to the total processing time.
4 Do you have a minimum?
Each of our processes have a minimum order quantity. 1 color job for screen print 48 pcs DTG, 12 pcs minimum is greatly appreciated, but we will consider smaller orders Vinyl, same as DTG above Embroidery, 48 pcs per logo
5 Can I mix and match shirt & ink colors?
Ink color changes can be made after 72 pcs. You can change the shirt color within the same order to add variations.
6 Can I mix shirt sizes & do I need to order in dozens?
Mixing shirt sizes is fine as long as the art size remains exactly the same across the entire order. For example, if we have to reduce art size to acomodate youth size shirts, that is considered a brand new order subject to new screen, films, set ups and minimums.
7 I want to print on a shirt that isn't listed.
We represent thousands of t shirt manufacturer and brand options. Please call the office so that we can guide you to various options.
8 I want to print on a shirt that isn't listed.
I want to print on a shirt that isn’t listed.
9 I'm missing a few shirts, what happened?
Damages in this industry or misprints is not uncommon. Machines and humans both make mistakes. Our goal is to deliver an order that is error free, but it does happen. Standard for our industry is about a 2% damage rate. If you are supplying your own shirts, plan for that. If we are supplying the shirts, we will do our best to replace them or credit you back for any missing shirts due to misprinting.
10 Do I need to pay for my shirts now?
Our payment terms are pre payment on all custom printed orders. There is nothing we can do with “Jimmy’s Graduation” shirts if a customer does not pick up their order. At that point all of our work is done.. thanks for understanding.
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