Shipping / Logistics


Our Miami Tees warehouse team is highly experienced in the warehousing, distribution, and logistical services for the export and import of global and national markets. Our meticulous approach to your export/import requirements ensures our customers of a reliable, supportable performance beyond your stated requirements.

We also handle the distribution of imported goods in the United States. Miami Tees’ Warehouse Logistics team possesses the necessary capabilities for a wide range of logistical services and has consistently maintained a high level of service.

25,000 sq. Ft. of storage, receiving, shipping, and packing area with room for expansion

(4) Loading docks capable of receiving and shipping sea containers or across-the-road trailers.

  1. Pallet storage
  2. Shrinkwrapping
  3. Break open
  4. Sorting
  5. Counting
  6. RePack
  7. Forklift
  8. Freight / Truck
  9. USPS
  10. UPS
  11. Federal Express